Monthly Archives: February 2017


As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been surprised by any improvement given my irregular yoga schedule. Or more accurately, I’m going regularly, but generally just 1x a week right now, occasionally 2. We’ll see how that evolves.  After voices in my head telling me it was a long day and just go home, I actually stayed the course and attended a 7pm evening class this week (in all honesty, the voices usually win). Not only was it hot, but super duper swampy. I think this is a combination of my studio and it being the last class of the day, after the heat was on for many many hours, etc.

I knew it was going to be hard and frankly, I was a bit tired. My concentration was off (started with breathing when I thought we were done and we were still going and continued on the floor when for some reason I thought cobra was locust… you get the idea…)

The humidity was, as most of you know, extremely challenging… for me, much more than the heat. So I told myself. Surrender. You’re here. Do what you can. Pick your moments to push and pick your moments to retreat (if needed). So I did. I pushed, I paused (not stopping, just determining which postures to take it a bit easy on (I know, not very Bikram sounding). The other distraction was a VERY distracted guy two positions over from me, fidgeting beyond belief. Again, I told myself, surrender. Don’t get caught up in his antics. I didn’t do great on standing head to knee, and my first half of bow was iffy, however, I continued and my last set was pretty damn good.

I lost a lot of energy by the end of the spine strengthening when I was praying for air, so floor blow and even camel were not great. Normally I’d beat myself up. This time, I found my attitude much healthier. I stayed present, I did the postures and I did what I could, when I could do it.


A few seconds of improvement?

Have you ever had a class where you could ALMOST see yourself getting better? Making progress? Having a slightly different perspective? It’s hard for me to believe b/c my attendance has been so sketchy but I took a packed prime time class in the evening.Was lucky enough (in my mind) to be right next to window that got frequently opened because of the sauna like conditions. Did that help? Maybe. The warm up was nothing special, but during head to knee (which I struggle) with and bow (which I also struggle with) in this unusual class, I maintained my balance almost the entire 1 minute. Normally that’s not true. And when I generally maintained my balance, I felt I was going further into the postures. What else was different? I couldn’t see a damn thing. The class was super crowded and I’m in the back. So forget it. At first I was frustrated but then I just thought to myself, “OK, you’re not going to see yourself. Keep going.” The rest of the class was fine, I didn’t detect anything different then usual. It was just those two postures and it was as if I got a little angel tapping on my shoulder saying, “You can do it.” I’m sure it will be gone the next class but for now, I’m going to enjoy that memory!