Monthly Archives: August 2016

The Long and Winding Yoga Road

Two years in and I’m still so yoga challenged. I’ve been in a different routine the last month or 2, doing cardio more and yoga less, but still going, and sometimes it’s good to mix things up. I’m actually surprised the cardio hasn’t made my yoga worse since it does tend to tighten all the muscles, especially my hips.

I keep persevering and progress is slow but hinted at. My nose is back to my knee, inching toward my forehead at the posture after triangle.  My leg is slightly higher in standing bow…no watershed moments but little hints and hues… I’ll take it.

Summer, especially with this crazy humidity and meshugas in the air (year of the monkey everyone tells me!), is tough, so it’s good to have a routine or a plan or plan to have a plan make things happen.

I am finding:

Little progress in standing head to knee. Still so tough

Generally better balance on balancing stick

By second set of triangle, I am in pain but can usually (70%) talk myself into staying upright

I still try with toe stand and I still can’t remotely balance yet. I go down and I fall.

The spine series is still close to impossible for me

I am doing both camel and rabbit and trying not to exit the postures early

Flexibility is getting slightly better, slowly…

I have trouble staying in savassana for more than 2 min.




Can you say humid?

Dang. Hot yoga when it’s 83% humidity is not easy nor pretty. I was impressed that most of the class (including myself) made it through all the postures. Especially since our teacher this morning is known as Ms. Hot, one of those who when she opens the windows, opens them a crack, the tiniest crack possible in fact.

My practice seems to be in a holding pattern. Since I’ve been doing more of the gym the past month, and going to yoga 2-3x a week, I can’t really complain, although I’m starting to inch it up a bit in effort. Hold postures longer, get back into them when I fall out… you know the drill.

Today though, I’m happy just to have class done. That feeling that you did something hard, in especially hard conditions. Back tomorrow. Namaste!