Monthly Archives: June 2016

Climbing Back

Another hiatus from yoga (work travel largely) has resulted in a little over 2 week break from class. Went back today and it was anything but pretty. Remembering that on my best day I’m below average, you can only imagine what 2 weeks off does… It does get frustrating and I do get discouraged. The worst you ask: Where to start… pada hastasana–I’ve never been able to “scoop” my hands under my ankles due (I think) to very tight shoulders, however, now it’s pretty bad. My back bends are definitely not as deep, my head to knee-let’s not even go there. I didn’t try toe–just did 2 trees this time… On locust, arms are not going under my body…rabbit is a disaster and my flexibility appears totally shot at the end with head to knee pose… I mean, really! I’m sure tomorrow will be even more challenging as I’ll be achy and stiff to top it off.

However, I know this is a process. I know I’m doing yoga for me and not to be a champion. I know I can only get better if I can keep trying… maybe not good, but better. And through all the disgust and disappointment is a small voice that just keeps whispering… shhh. just go to class… so that’s my plan. Let’s see how many I can fit in this week.

Work gets in the way

All of a sudden I’ve had a lot of work travel. This is generally good business news, but can create havoc with a steady yoga practice. I keep missing 2-3 days for travel and then play catch up, taking 2-3 classes the rest of the week. Was in Boston earlier this week, M-T, so went to class yesterday and today. And will try to go this weekend.

Going out of the country for a week starting Mon, so that’s another whole week without my steady practice. It feels like the last 3-4 months (maybe longer) have been catching up, treading water and falling behind. I know it’s all a process and it doesn’t have to be perfect… it just seems harder to create momentum, get in a rhythm and see actual improvements. I still can’t do things I could 6 months ago.

I realize how appealing I’m starting to find a routine and when something interrupts it, I generally find it stressful and agitating. I’m trying to roll with what comes my way and not get too caught up in details.

How do you manage your practice when things change?