Monthly Archives: May 2016

Summer Heat

OK. I feel like I’m whining about the heat again.¬† It is close to unbearable in my studio and I take the first class of the day!! I’m so happy I finish the class that it dawns on me only later but progress is minimal. I can barely bend or grab or hold, so while the class is hard, I’m not working hard on my postures. I’m too busy trying to breathe and survive. This is kind of disappointing to me,¬† because while I like the heat, I like to have enough energy to push myself. Now I’m happy if I’m still standing the first half of class. Before I tried to minimize fidgeting, now I tell myself to fidget away if it helps me get through the 90 minutes.

I’m still definitely not back to earlier days, especially on front folds/bends where I have added bulk and as a result, the postures are all more difficult. Going to try to up my attendance and see if that helps with: the heat, my flexibility and my weight. However, I keep trying. In part, because I’m dealing with a lot of stress and I believe that yoga is helping more than maybe I even realize to help offload it.

How’s your spring/summer yoga going?



Back and Achy

So 2 weeks away from Bikram yoga takes its toll. I went on vacation for a week and then had a crazy work week. What do I notice? Balance suffers and my hard fought flexibility¬† took flight. It’s tough to remember when your head could almost touch your knee and now even when bend you can only get the top of your nose to reach. Still, the only option is to try to release the disappointment and judgement (O so easy to bash myself!) and persevere. However long it takes to get back, it takes. Trying to be gentle and continue to encourage myself, especially as the weather outside and in the hot room gets more steamy. The other thing I noticed was that the hot room has been like a sauna. Especially for weekend later in the day classes. So anything I can do and anytime I go, even with my less than ideal performance, I’m trying to stay positive. This morning at 7, it was also super humid. This tests another kind of strength-not flexibility but endurance. The classes have been ugly and rough, but they are successes if I can finish them and try to focus. So, this week is my attempt to “get back at it”

Let’s see how it goes…


Less Water=Better Class?

I’ve been experimenting with water in class lately. The hot room has been especially hot (read earlier posts) so I initially thought I would need to drink more water to feel better. What I’ve discovered is that’s not necessarily true. I find the less water I drink in party time, the better. Although the balance series is intense, I seem to get through it stronger with very little water. I take a decent sip during savasanna between standing and the floor and again some water at fixed firm. I have found this seems to give me the most energy and endurance. I’m not exactly sure why, but it’s taken me nearly 2 years to figure it out. When I first started classes I would gulp too much water and then be extremely uncomfortable on the floor. A few times I felt something rumbling and ran out of class to throw up (always water). I think I was getting used to the heat and trying to balance water. I now tend to drink more water after class and drink throughout the day.

What’s your water rituals?