Monthly Archives: January 2016

Snow Yoga

As is all over the news, we had a big snowstorm here in the Big Apple. I had gone to class 4x last week and really wanted to get to class both days. Although my studio was open Sat (amazing when you think subways and buses were closed down!) I didn’t leave my apt. I did stretch, but did not even try to replicate a class. Went Sunday instead.  So did a lot of people. Apparently, NYC was stir crazy after being locked at home watching TV and eating junk.

It felt great to be in class, albeit it was packed and extremely humid. Somehow stretching and being warm after being cooped up and walking through the snow for 20 minutes to get the class was perfect.  Were my postures perfect? Are they ever-of course not. Did I have a shocking breakthrough, no. I’ve been in the same place in toe stand for a while–able to get into two stand but it’s an even looking mess and where I need to keep both hands on my sides–need to advance that.. But I did do all the postures and did increase my weekly attendance to 5x last week (for me, that’s a lot).

Yogis, did you do snow yoga?




Less Heat

IT is supercold in NY today, so waking up and actually getting up at 5:40am takes some conviction. After my 20 minute freezing walk to the studio, I was surprised tosee class pretty crowded. In class something was wrong with the heaters and the temperature was less hot than usual. It was still over 100 degrees, but not by much and in my studio, classes commonly hit 115 degrees with high humidity.  So, the difference today was noticeable. I was still sweating but not dripping and I barely touched my water.

What did I notice?  I liked it! It was hot enough that I was still able to stretch, sweat and feel warm, but not so hot that I got dizzy or dazed. This normally happens toward the end of class, where I’m just praying for the end. In this class, I feel I was able to better perform camel and rabbit, simply because I had more energy left in the tank. Triangle was still hard (it’s when i start to wilt) because it was still pretty hot and because it’s smack in the middle of class…

It’s interesting what just a few degrees (And % of humidity) can make.  If it were up to me, I’d keep the temperature like this all the time. Of course it’s not, so I’m preparing myself for the normal inferno next time.


Back after my Break

So finally got back to class, and it humbling. I managed to do most of the poses, but the class was harder than normal and definitely noticed less flexibility. Hopefully I’ll get back in the saddle this week or next. It’s always a good feeling “to be back,” no matter how lame the class. I found my sit ups (never pretty) had declined quite a bit, as did my balance … so lots to build back. For locust pose, my elbows were no where near under my body, same with my forehead touching my knee in separate standing pose… It could have been worse though, I only sat out 1/2 of triangle but prodded through the rest of class.

While the morning classes play havoc with having an adult life in the evenings, and going out at night, they really do seem to work best for me. I like getting them out of the way and they also seem the least likely to get disrupted by my schedule (assuming I can get up at 5:15am) so I am trying to psyche myself up for them. It’s either that or the 7-8pm classes.  I guess that’s another option, although probably more crowded, so who knows.

As I am on my cleanse, in addition to 3 classes of water, I also had a green powder drink and an olive oil shot with lemon (to cleanse my liver)



So, I’m remaining extremely optimistic about 2016.  2015 was not my best year, but as always provided experiences of all kinds. I’ve started my seasonal cleanse… the usual, no gluten, no dairy, no sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol. It’s a week long and then I’m going to try harder to stick with my alkaline diet.

Yoga has slipped a bit–work has been super busy for 10 days and I was away for a bit… so class tomorrow and I suspect it will be rough, as it always is after an extended period of absence. I’m coming back and that is all that counts. I’m hoping to get my attendance closer to 4x a week but we’ll see. Obviously a 10 day absence isn’t the best way to increase participation!

I’m bummed like everyone about the passing of David Bowie and the energy of a truly unique and creative soul. So much mass market crap today passes for music.  Back to 2016, it’s going to be a year of growth, accomplishments and positivity.  Maybe I’ll even be able to cross and hook my legs in eagle or grab behind my ankles in hands to feet pose–or maybe I won’t–but I’ll still keep trying!