Monthly Archives: September 2015

Class with Music

I’ve read several blogs where people (including the always awesome Leigh Hall) are against yoga class with music. I certainly wouldn’t want all my Bikram classes to have sound, however, I enjoy the occasional restorative class with calm music and once a month my studio does a Friday night class with music. I like it. I may like it because it’s only once a month but honestly, I’d probably like a class with music once a week. Why?

It gets me out of my head. Instead of the self doubt, negative thoughts, frustration and sometimes breathing issues, I find music distracts me. I realize this is what some may not like about it , but I find it does help me focus on the posture and not on my inner dialogue. A good some gives me energy, and a smile. I also find music helps me with my breathing, perhaps the rhythm of the songs and oddly, I also seem to balance better in classes with music.

It also makes class a little more fun. We had some people singing along to Aretha, Annie Lennox, etc. and it made for a more playful class. As mentioned, this isn’t my ideal everyday but it certainly is a nice change of pace.

Rough Class

Had a rough class today. Not the end of the world, but it is my second class this week where around triangle, I started to fade. Don’t mind the random crappy class, we have all  those and it’s often out of our control, but when I start to detect semi-patterns, I get a little nervous. For a while I got super dizzy right around Standing Head to Knee. That passed. Now triangle seems to signal trouble, I sat out a pose or 2 and managed to do the rest of class, still feeling tentative and dizzy. Annoying because you (or at least I) don’t give 100% in those moments. I’m just happy to have the energy to do something. My camel today was definitely on the lame side, with “Lord, let me get through this and not vomit” going through my head. I am planning on class tomorrow and hoping this “trend” of the week will break. The other big news I got is that our studio will be offering 75 minute classes as an option. When I first saw it, I thought, fine it’s an option if I want to try it, but I prefer the classic 90 minutes. Then when I read on, the note said that morning, night and lunchtime classes would be the 75 min version. Since I’m in the morning zone now, I started to panic a bit. Most likely due to the idea of any change to the familiar. And b/c the shorter classes tend to be more flow, which for reasons I have no idea, I’ve traditionally not been a fan of (all I remember is a sea of chatarunga and enormous arm pain), I also started to feel some dread. Then I told myself, myself the classes are will be fine. All is fine and it will be what it will be. From what I can tell (happily) my class is not affected, but I’ll manage if it is. Maybe some of yoga’s life lessons are finally seeping in.. or maybe it’s the Pope’s visit!




Between a long weekend in New Orleans, a cold and crunch time at work,  it’ s been a hectic time and my yoga has paid the price. Nothing more than a temporary setback but it always take a bit of time to get back into the groove and my shoulders seem to tighten up at the drop of a hat.

In class today I realized a general sense of …being uncomfortable. First, I’m stuffed into a shirt and leggings that are clingy and not my outfit of choice. Second,  the voices in my head that alternate between telling me I stink, and suggesting I sit down. Third, the heat, that consistently turns my hair into a bird’s nest. Fourth, the difficulty of the postures.

It’s varying degrees of being uncomfortable for 90 minutes. I think the trick is getting used to it, getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and gaining the sense of satisfaction when it’s done!




The Pee Problem

It’s been with me for a while. Ever since I had to get up during the 2 minute savasana between the standing and seated series and go to the ladies room. I was so annoyed because once I raced back from the ladies room, savasana was over. And I generally need that time to slow down my breathing. I almost never leave the room during class (I can count on one hand  when I have, and besides the time in question, the others were when I left to throw up)

I was happy I was with a teacher I knew, because she would realize I don’t normally leave the room and this was necessary. I’m not sure why that mattered to me, however, I recall that it did.

Ever since that class several months ago, I’ve gotten a little obsessive. Since I mostly take morning classes, I drink 3-4 glasses of water about an hour before class. IF I take an later class, I try to stop drinking earlier. In the morning, I gulp as much as I can and then pee when I get to the studio. That seems normal enough. Then, I go into the hot room and stretch/loosen up for about 10 minutes, and then leave the room,  go the ladies room again right before class and head back in. I’ve been doing this double teaming for months and I’m looking at the clock before class starts to make sure I take that extra visit right before class.

I think when we get too obsessive about anything related to yoga it’s probably not helpful, however, here my goal is to make sure I can stay in the class and not be uncomfortable, so I sort of justify the behavior.I don’t want to think about it all during class, so at least this helps it from becoming a distraction.

Do you have yoga quirks in your routine?