Monthly Archives: April 2015

Why Can’t We Be Friends

Dear Compression Postures,

Why can’t we be friends? Why is it so near impossible for me to get into proper form with you? Starting with the warm up and hands to feet pose…why can’t I easily scoop up my hands behind my ankles like everyone else? And, more basic, why can’t my chest rest on my knees??  I think it’s b/c my stomach gets in the way, although not sure… Let’s move on to Eagle. I’m not sure this is a compression posture however, I know you’re supposed to squeeze your thighs together with all your might. I can do that, however, my legs don’t remotely criss cross behind eachother. O, Standing Separate Leg head to Knee Pose, you may be my nemesis. Apparently, I have not ever started you…since the posture only begins when the head touches the knee. My head stubbornly refuses to go no where near my knee.  Seated Head to knee pose at the end of class. You are also a nightmare. One side I’m reasonable. The other, my knee is bent to kingdom come and even then, on a good day, my mouth can touch my knee, however, my forehead is not close.