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Bad Class

I had a bad class this morning. Not my usual, “I stink at the postures bad class”, but a “I’m dizzy, feeling very shaky kind of class”. These happen, luckily not all that often. I knew at standing head to knee something was amiss. I was shaky and my vision was getting blurry. Not fun. I, on and off, sat down/lied down through postures and tried to at least do a set of each (not always successfully). I hate these type of classes, my mind thinks, “Hey, I’m getting up at the crack of dawn, at least get the benefits of the class…” but hey, that’s life.

Trying to think if there’s a reason so at least I can avoid this happening again. Here’s what I observed:

  • I took a spin class last night. I decided I wanted to try to add some cardio to my routine because I need to lose weight, I want to get my good cholesterol numbers as strong as possible and I want to mix up my routine a little bit. I think we all now this ain’t easy given how time consuming yoga is, however, this class was HARD. I was sweating like a Bikram class and it definitely felt like I need a lot of improvement in this regard. This was my first spin class in about 2 years. The class ended around 8pm
  • I drank about 1 glass less of water than usual this am, although I supplemented this with half a glass of green juice for more energy (Guess that didn’t work)
  • Wondering if maybe I was dehydrated by my spin class and combined, didn’t drink enough this am? Maybe the class took more out of me than I thought and I was just spent this am?

Anyone else have a similar experience? I was going to try to take another spin class tonight… HMMM.


Mind Games

I’m starting to play weird mind games with myself that I have to admit, even I don’t understand. This is the second or third time in a row that I planned to go to the 7am Bikram class. I try to go to bed on the early side and set my alarm for 5:45. It’s never easy, however,  in the past, I wake up and get moving.

Recently I’ve woken up before 5:45, generally  earlier around 4am and decide I’m too tired/busy/not in the mood/still getting over my cold/have a stomach ache/rash/you name it and cancel my online class reservation. I barter in my head that if I skip today, I can go Friday (or Sat, or whenever. Then I go back to bed. Then somewhere between going back to sleep and awake, I talk myself back into going to yoga as planned. Around 5:45, I re-sign up online for class and get myself ready. WTF??

I have no idea what this is about. I’m glad I’m getting to class but trying to figure out what the drama is about deciding/undeciding and redeciding. As always, it doesn’t seem to impact my class any and I’m always glad I go. I’ve noticed during this weird process that my yoga is still a struggle-I’m doing all the postures, just poorly. It’s dawned on me almost all compression poses are a struggle–this may be because my stomach is just a bit too big right now, although I’m not sure. I have however, decided to try and accept my practice for what it is, know I’ll improve and be at peace with wherever I’m at. Will I ever get my legs to twist behind each other in eagle? Who knows! However, I know I will get better.

I’m planning on going to class at 7pm tomorrow. Let’s see if I talk myself in and out of that as well. I’m a nut!





Are All Poses For Everyone?

I was recently talking to a friend of mine who is a Baptise yoga teacher, asking her why I struggle doing certain postures (mostly compression) but even properly being able to grab my leg to kick out in standing head to knee or have my legs wrap in eagle. I ask the usual questions… is it my tight shoulders? my hips? is my stomach getting in the way and making this impossible? Sometimes she pointed out a specific possible issue (“it may be your hamstrings”) However, she also said, not every posture is for every person. I stopped in my tracks since Bikram’s class which we all know and love is the exact same 26 postures for all of us. I haven’t yet attended a posture clinic, but I wonder if this comes up…

Could someone’s arms be too short to do a certain posture?  Could your weight make something impossible? Could an injury prevent you from ever successfully twisting a certain way? Could over (or under) rotated hips become further aggravated in a certain pose? Could you injure yourself trying to compensate too hard for a part of you that’s not working easily in the posture?

My thinking is the 26 postures Bikram selected may have been chose in part b/c they work for the majority of people. And maybe over time things like tightness and injuries subside. I think it’s still possible though that some poses may just be close to impossible for some.

What do you think?


Back in the Groove

So I’m still sniffling a bit but determined not to let my getting sick sideline me or screw with my routine like the last time this happened. I took a 1 week break into a 6 week derailment. Don’t ask! I wish I was a bit more strong willed or disciplined but it is what it is and the best thing for me to is know my tendencies and deal with it head on. So, my plan is yoga 4x this week. I still struggle with the morning/evening challenge–with a 10 hour + work day, I either go at the crack of dawn (6:30 or 7am), or 7:30pm, getting home late. That’s life though, so I’m planning on Tues am and we’ll go from there.

I’ve also gotten more practical about my yoga practice (At least today). I’m clearly in need of a lot of improvement. I still can’t scoop my hands under my ankles in the warm up and inch toward the sides of my feet instead (any tips by the way??) and I’ve got super tight hips and shoulders. My growing stomach is getting in the way, which is frustrating me. however, I need to let go of frustration and just accept where I am and go from there. Easier said than done!




I recently read a couple of interesting posts on when to attend Bikram yoga when you’re sick from Hot off the Mat and Lindsay Dahl.

Of course, a few days later, I got sick! With other workouts in the past, I would generally take a day or 2 off if I was really sick and then do a modified workout (e.g., 30 minutes of light cardio) until I felt back to normal. One of the challenges with Bikram yoga is that there really isn’t any modified option. Sure, you could practice at home, but that’s without the heat.

With Bikram, yoga, I tend to be a little more cautious. The workout is so exhausting, long and hot, that it’s hard to imagine participating if you’re sick. Right now I’m better than I was a few days ago, but still sneezing, coughing and blowing my nose. I wouldn’t go to class b/c I think I could get someone else sick and as mentioned, I don’t feel quite strong enough. I’d rather be more cautious as once  I went to class when I was recovering and it seemed to delay getting better. I felt sicker after class. On the other hand, being new, I still get concerned when I miss a few days of class as I know some progress will be eroded and this is stressful.  I know I have to be more long-term focus and think of my yoga as a journey, not a race…

The other thing I’ve noted is that I’ve gotten more colds since starting Bikram yoga. This may be a total coincidence or it may not. Seems to me it is easy to catch something in a hot room that people are jammed into and also I think coming in and out of the hot room and into a freezing outside may also not be ideal.

Hopefully I’ll be back to my practice within a day or two.