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Yoga Fashion

Although I am a New Yorker used to high prices for just about everything, I’m always a little shocked at how expensive yoga (or any sporting) clothes are when you go to stores like Nike, Athletica, New Balance, or online…

Ideally I would like to wear as little as possible, however, I actually do better when I wear longer yoga pants, not shorts. I get so sweaty  that I can’t grip myself as effectively in shorts, particularly poses like Wind Removing… I’m also not yet that comfortable with my added weight and wearing shorts.

I’ve realized I prefer tops with a bra built in, so there’s one less piece of clothes I have to peel off when I’m done. Since there’s not a lot of jumping around in class, I found those shelf bras more than sufficient.

I’ve cobbled my yoga clothes together from previous workout outfits and some new pieces, ranging from cheaper Target purchases to a few pricey options like pants from werkshop.

I have my 2-3 fave pants and tops and tend to reuse those as often as possible, dipping into the others only when necessary. As I mentioned in an earlier post, some of outfits are getting a little more snug than is ideal. I stubbornly believe I’ll drop some weight so I don’t want to buy more larger sized clothes. I’m currently about 5 feet tall and 135 lbs so I freak out when I need to order large sized yoga clothes.  Really, I’m a LARGE? Yes, according to my werkshop pants and Champion top!

Here’s to reaching Medium!






My Bikram Class Fears

I’ll be honest and admit the random fears that run through my head regarding my Bikram classes.

1. My pants will split. I’ve packed on a few pounds and some of my yoga pants are tighter than before. I’ve bought 1-2 new pairs but I find it impossible to believe I’m a size large in sphere of yoga users. Really? This panic becomes especially real around  standing separate leg stretching pose/triangle/standing separate head to knee poses. I find myself praying to the God of seams to keep everything together. I mean, what could you do if your pants split in the middle of class??

2. I’ll get sick, faint, etc. Not fun and I certainly don’t want to call attention to myself, so in the back of my mind, this remains a steady fear.

3. I’ll have a panic attack. I expect this will happen eventually. I’ve seen where people can’t slow down their breathing and it seems scary.

4. I’ll be having a bad day and say something bitchy to the teacher. This is well within my powers. I generally shake off any comments I don’t love (Which are few and far between), but I can envision the day when the teacher tells me not to drink water and I tell him what he can go do…

5. Someone in class is super annoying and I say something bitchy. We all know how some people can be. Mat right in front of you. Obnoxiously taking a long time in the shower, etc.

6. I have a god awful class.  I always dread the thought that I will just suck at everything.

7. I can’t stand the teacher. I could live with this, so it’s not really a fear, more a disappointment. I pretty much know most of the teachers, but sometimes there’s a sub and when they are sub par or we just don’t click, it’s disappointing. A good teacher makes a big difference.

8. I’ll be so out of it, I’ll have trouble getting home. I have a decent-size walk home from class, about 20 minutes. There have been the occasional times I’m so dizzy or tired from class, it’s taken me much longer to get home. Once I felt so faint, I called my husband and he picked me up.

The Range of Classes

I my 8.5 months of Bikram yoga, I’ve had a range of classes. Most are in the middle, meaning not terrible and not great. Of course, I’m ranking this relative to my abilities, so I’m not suddenly expecting to do splits. I’ve had only one really horrible class where I started to black out and just not function. My teacher, one of the tougher ones I take, initially got me some fresh air and told me to get up (he always says that). When I tried and he saw what happened, he said I didn’t look good and told me to just to sit down. From triangle on, I sat out the class, but stayed in the room.

I’ve had a few other zingers. I’ve probably throw up a handful of times (just water) usually around the spine strengthening series or camel. That’s pretty much the only times I’ve left the room and I’ve always come back. For whatever reasons, I can’t figure out why I got sick in those classes vs. others, but I generally feel better after and just proceed, albeit gingerly. This has caused many people to tell me maybe Bikram isn’t for me. I ignore it.

I’ve had a few select classes where I’ve felt strong throughout. They are definitely the exceptions. I always seem to start out with power and focus (Hence the name of this blog), then wilt and fade, ebbing and waning throughout. I’ve mentioned before, when tree and toe stand come around, I’m praying for savasana, which is probably why I haven’t made much progress there, same with the spine twisting at the end. I need to try to take each pose as a time vs. plotting so I still have energy in the tank.

Let’s see what tonight brings!

Morning Class

I find myself completely confused by morning classes. Wouldn’t you think they would be the hardest or the worst? I mean, you’re clearly not as well hydrated, I generally stop drinking about 10:30 or 11pm the night before… when I wake up I’m stiff as a board from not having moved around much, and I’m generally weary and confused. I get up about an hour or so before class, guzzle 3 classes of water and 1/2 a banana and high tail it out the door. Yet, while I’m never my most balanced or flexible, I find I am the strongest in morning classes. I can complete all the poses more consistently and I even seem to drink less water. Very odd. Observations today: standing head to knee or bow pulling were not my shining moments, although I managed to hang on through both sets of balancing stick. I think I am getting better on standing separate leg stretching pose (before triangle) while Toe stand continues to be a total disaster. I know each day is different. Regarding morning classes,  I think perhaps it’s my MIND. It’s quiet in the morning and less dictatorial. I saw a quote I liked from Rumi recently, “Protect yourself from your own thoughts.” Perhaps mornings I am safest from myself! Something to think about.


Man turning off alarm clock

A Good Day

So, Sunday has been a good day. I made a deal on Twitter with a great blogger, Mark, from  He and I both seem to sometimes struggle (don’t we all)… so he said let’s both go to class Sunday. We did. He went at the crack of dawn (kudos) and I went later in the day. I had a decent class and a decent day with food, so that to me is a good day. Yoga is easier when I don’t have work and stress to manage, so let’s see how the week goes. I am guzzling my new post-yoga addiction: club soda mixed with Perrier pink grapefruit sparkling water. I find it so refreshing after class. I could drink 20 glasses of this.

My class was better than I anticipated since the last class I went to before today was 6 days before. Those long breaks usually take their toll. Especially when you’re stiff to begin with. Not so much today, while I still am not back to my best (hello… I was just starting toe pose and now can only, barely do it on one side), whatever flexibility I had was largely intact.I do find my left side is extremely tight and I notice it especially at the very end of class during the separate touching head to one leg at a time pose. I have to bend my left knee to kingdom come and I can still barely touch it to my head.

Still, amazing the power of even just one class to change mood and perception. Powerful stuff.