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Fave Blogs

I have found a few Bikram yoga blogs super helpful and interesting.  It really is inspirational to read other peoples experiences and adventures. I found it particularly reassuring to learn that everyone (EVERYONE!) struggles in class. Here are a few I obsessively read:

My Bikram Yoga Life

Hot Off The Matt

Confessions of a Yoga Princess

Cotton Ball Among Q Tips

Ever hear of anyone gaining weight after starting Bikram Yoga? Well, meet yours truly! After about 6 months into Bikram I feel better, my health is better and I am inexplicably addicted in a love-hate way as so many Bikram yogis, however, I have uniquely managed to pack more pounds onto my frame.

When I started, my teachers said,  “Oh, you’re going to drop a few pounds, everyone does…” to now just smiling at me confusedly. I’m sure I’ll eventually catch on and drop the weight, I definitely feel it making certain postures more complicated. All that notwithstanding, I am very grateful that I found Bikram and regardless of size, very glad it’s part of my life.